Privacy Policy :-

1. Information Usage

Medgyan is well aware of the importance of protecting the information that is collected from the different users and service providers for this web portal. In recognition of this importance, the portal administrators would ensure that reasonable steps are taken to maintain integrity, privacy and secrecy of the information. These steps are to be taken in pursuance and adherence to the Privacy and Data Protection Policy. The users and service providers, by providing the information to Medgyan, would be deemed to have agreed to or consented to the practices described herein. Medgyan would like to inform its users that it will not collect any information about the individuals or the companies, except with their knowledge. Example of such information can be given here as the name, address, mobile telephone number, email address, profession or occupation. The purpose of collection of this personal information would be to provide you the requested information about the product, service or the providers. However, it would be within our right to share the information about the 'group data' such as the traffic patterns and other such aggregated statistics which is not of personal nature with our partners and other parties that are related to us. We also reserve the right to use your contact information for mailing and marketing uses which would help us in circulation of products.

2. Cookies

When users first enter this portal, there would be storing of cookies information on our servers which is done for the sake of convenience of the users so that they do not have to enter that specific information every time they enter the site. The storage of these cookies does not compromise your privacy or secrecy in any way since these are generated identifying tag on the computer. The information about the cookies would not include any data of personal nature such as name, age, phone number or other contact details. Most of the browsers are set up to accept cookies but these can be set up again as per your requirement of not allowing the browser to store cookies on your terminal equipment. You are requested to refer to your specific browser for getting detailed information regarding the cookie storage.

3. Your Rights

While company does take all reasonable measures to protect your information and data as per the best standards of the industry, your data is also protected by the relevant laws and regulations in force from time to time. As a measure of adherence to these laws, we ensure that the data we hold would be processed in accordance with the provisions of the laws and in a fair manner. The processing or usage of the data would be relevant and not excessive. All the information or data would be kept updated from time to time. Medgyan would also like to assure that the data will be stored only for the time for which it is necessary to store. Till that time, the data would be kept secure and unauthorised access by the people would be prevented by taking the best possible measures. You would also have the right to see what is being held and inform us of any inaccuracies.

4. Changes in Policy

Medgyan would further like to inform that it might bring about the changes in the policies governing the information storage and usage from time to time. All information about these changes would be posted here and the users would be able to know the precise changes and the new policies on this page.

5. Security

As highlighted above, Medgyan would about the industry best practices and would take utmost care for ensuring the security of information and data. Any information provided by the users of this portal would remain completely confidential in all respects.

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