MEDGYAN:-A complete information about drugs its Pharmacology (Mechanism,Benefits,side effects,doses etc) brand and company name, composition, MRP, available substitutes, distributor information.

1-Registration:- The process is very simple, you fill up a small registration form to create your account, Medgyan will sent a confirmation mail to your email account  (entered in registration form).  Once you confirm the request, you can login using your Email Id and password and enjoy your unlimited services.

2-Maintain Profile:- In this section we can maintain our profile related information like profile image, address, secret pin, a/c password etc.  Paid members will also have the option to record their medical history.

3-Users type information:-
(a). New Users à  New user will be allowed to make 10 searches per day.
(b)Free Users à After 3 days of your account activation your account will be converted to a free user account, after which, your per day searches will be limited to 3 searches per day.
(c).Paid Users à By paying a small fee, your account will be converted to a paid member account, you can make searches as allowed under your paid plan.

4. Search type:-
(a). Drug Search:  In this search section, Medgyan provides two types of search options, on the basis of brandname(drug)  or  composition search. In this section you can search the brandname and their composition details and Medgyan also provides  detailed knowledge of manufacturing company of drug and you can even find alternative substitutes to that drug which you search. In case that not available in market.

(b). Colleges Search: For the benefit of medical carrier aspirants Medgyan provides listing of all the medical colleges and pharmacist colleges in India. These have been categorized in three parts as like medical, pharmacist and nursing. These are also categorized on the basis of states and cities in which they are situated. Often, the students are not aware of other options beyond the few famous medical and pharmacy colleges in India. On this portal, they can find the listing of all the duly approved and accredited colleges throughout the country along with the number of seats offered by them in each discipline.

(c).Doctors Search: In this search section Medgyan brings you a comprehensive listing of all the doctors along with their areas of specialization, registration numbers, contact details and the hospital/labs to which they are attached. It is our Endeavour to inform you about the specialists in their respective fields so that searching and contacting them becomes easy.

(d). Common Diseases Search: On this portal, you will find the details of common diseases such as their common and medical names, causes and symptoms and the tests or examinations which are required to identify these. We do advise medical consultation and supervision for seeking remedy against these diseases. However, this portal also informs you about the methods of prevention including the lifestyle modifications that can be done.

(e Contact and addresses of Blood Banks, ambulances, Drug departments, Health departments Search: Looking for blood of the right blood group  is often an uphill task. It even becomes quite unnerving when there is an emergent requirement and one is not able to find the contact details of the blood banks or ambulance service providers. At the same time, the information about the drug and health departments is also not commonly available in the public domain. This portal aims to be a single-point repository of information about the contact details of blood banks, ambulances and the health departments of districts and states
(f) Medical equipments for rent: If you are in need of having the medical equipments and aids on rent, this portal can be of great help to you. By calling us and describing your requirements in detail, you will get the benefit of expert consultancy on the make, model and quality of equipment/aid you need and the best places from where you can get these.

(g)Home nurse facility: Certain medical conditions require regular nursing at home. People find it difficult to find the right person for nursing the patient. There is a dependence on whom the doctors refer and, often, the choices are limited. This portal seeks to provide more choices to the people looking for home nursing services. By having a wide database of specialist nursing experts from different regions, we stand in unique position to inform you about the right person close to your home as well as at a reasonable distance from it.

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